Ayia Napa & Protaras – Cyclop’s Cave

Cyclop’s Cave Dive Site – Ayia Napa & Protaras

Truly one of the best if not the best dive site in Cyprus! Simply put you will get a taste of all kinds of scuba diving experiences here. You will encounter schools of small fish or tumble in the sea weed withe elusive octopus or squids and greeted from the safety of their crevices by all sorts of marine life. Do not stick your hands in any holes as Moray Eels have been reported to be frequenting this dive site as well. An amazing sight for sure!

Cyclop's Cave Dive Site

Outside the water on a typical...winter day!

Cyclop's Cave Dive Site

Poseidonia grass with schools of soldier fish are a common sight here! Amazing!

Cyclop's Cave Dive Site

Jack The Moray!!! No feeding and No Pointing...its rude!

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Cyclop’s Cave Dive Site Entry and Exit Point

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