Night Dive Cyprus Scuba Diving

Why Night Diving!?

When was the last time you went night diving? Was it on the full moon? If so you would have definitely been amazed. Ever wondered why full moon dives are the best? Simple. Just enough light and millions of years of evolution. Diving at night under a full moon is by far the best experience you can imagine! Nature seems to have clocked the underwater world to go on hyper drive during the full moon cycles and added to this summer blooms of zooplankton add a different dimension to the dive.

Keep in mind that while night diving it is always recommended you dive what you know and keep it shallow!

Great Site For Night Diving In Cyprus!

As far as Cyprus Scuba Dive Sites are concerned one of the best night dive spots we have seen so far is Mimosa Beach! Other dive sites might have better prospects but nothing beats this unique we think dive site. For one it is exactly what we mentioned before. Known and Shallow! Add to this the fact that it is on the beach front of a hotel and dive center and you have the makings of what could very well be the top night dive spot in Cyprus!!!

Don’t get us wrong! We love night diving anywhere and you are bound to see all sorts of critters while night diving in Cyprus but we would be doing a disservice if we did not mention this dive site for what it is. Our preferred favourite!

Bottom Line

Simply night diving is reward enough. But if by chance you get the opportunity to find yourself in familiar territories and have the time we would say that a full moon night dive will blow your mind! In fact, by the second or tops third night dive you will start wondering why people dive during the day! Simply amazing! Find a dive center near you that hosts night dive expeditions and wear the suit when the moon comes up! Priceless!

Check out this video of some friends from Mimosa Beach on one of their night dives! Watch on HD! Drop a like if you like it and hope to see you all soon…under the waves and remember…next full moon is August 21st!



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