Grey Triggerfish
Grey Triggerfish – Balistes Capriscus

This fish’s scientific name is the Balistes capriscus. Common name is Grey triggerfish. The males of the species can reach sizes in excess of 50cm. Juveniles are yellowish brown with a network of bluish wavy patterned lines. With growth these lines become interconnected and more pronounced to give the impression of an almost solidly blue fish.


Yellow-Spotted Triggerfish prefers coastal waters shallow lagoons and seaward reefs 30-50m in depth. They eat shellfish, small crustaceans and other bottom feeding invertebrates!


They eat shellfish, small crustaceans and mollusks, sea urchins and other echinoderms! Typically slow moving bottom dwelling organisms.

Life History

Known for its aggressiveness you should think twice about annoying this critter! Best take your snaps and keep your fingers to yourself. They bite often. They lay their eggs in small holes dug on the sea bottom.

Balistes Capriscus Mediterranean Distribution Map
Balistes Capriscus Mediterranean Distribution Map
(Chance of Encounter Red=0.8 Yellow=0.2)


  1. Ohh, I love these fishes. Especially their shining blue lines are awesome. On the Canary Islands you can usually see them in small groups.


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