I have lived near the sea most of my life. It is by far the most peculiarly beautiful thing in my psyche diverthat I can neither explain or get rid of. I am addicted. Don’t get me wrong. This is not about going to the beach, relaxing, having a good swim. It was always a bit more. Its about belonging to something greater than yourself. Being part of the Big Blue and sharing the sea with its many inhabitants in harmony. I love diving even though I am quite new at diving, because it gives me something I have wanted all my life.


You check your equipment. Make sure you’ve got air. Dive Check your Buddy. And then Dive. As simple as that. In an instant you are transformed. The underwater world is totally natural. The fish don’t mind you. You are a tourist to them. You take it all in, let it pass through you and even the poorest dive site you can imagine gives you a lot more than you could ever ask for.


Through diving I forge a greater bond with my dive buddy and develop discipline, planning and exercise caution while enjoying what I believe is a life altering sport. There is no doubt in my mind that the skeptics out there will agree if they gave diving a chance.

I wholeheartedly recommend this hobby that has transformed the lives of many people!

So Join Us.

Let’s go diving!


    • Thank you Mitchell! Your comment made our day! We love scuba diving and can’t wait to experience more and more things about it and of course share these experiences in our blog. Send us an email with your own stories anytime! – xoxo


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