White Bream - Diplodus Sargus Sargus
White Bream – Diplodus Sargus Sargus



This hardy Mediterranean Sea fish grows to a maximum size of 45cm although most of your encounters with adult fish will range from 20 – 25cm. Its scientific name derives from the Greek word for double (Diplopus) and teeth (Diplodus). Its body is described as white or silvery with 5 black bands and 4 grey vertical lines. Note that these lines disappeart when the fish grows to adulthood and exceeds 20cm at 2 years of age. Can also be found in the Black Sea, Central Atlantic and around Madeira Island. One small piece of trivia is that two US Navy Submarines have been named after this nimble and beautiful fish! The USS Sargo (SS-188) and the USS Sargo (SSN-583)


White Bream fish prefer the coastal rocky reef areas and of course Posidonia Oceanica beds. They are found frequenting up to the surf zone especially at dawn at which time they appear to be most active! Can be found from 2m to 50m depth!


Main feeding is on shellfish or other deep water invertebrates which it patiently picks from the bottom sediment aswell as seaweed and coral which they crush using their double line of teeth!

Life History

The maximum reported age for the Diplodus Sargus Sargus is 10 years which is amazing! One interesting fact is that all White Bream start their life as males changing themselves into females later on in life. This is called protandrous hermaphroditism.

Dive Site Encounters

Almost Everywhere! Yeah! That’s Right! Everywhere! More frequent at: Green Bay Dive Site Pirate’s Cove   White Bream - Diplodus Sargus Sargus

Diplodus Sargus SargusDM
Diplodus Sargus Sargus Distribution Map ( Red > 0.8 Yellow >0.2)



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