What we hear is always about the dive itself.

Imagine yourself on a dive boat. 

While you are getting prepared for your dive, you consider the water temperature, wind, current and try to choose the best equipment and dive suit for you.

After that, a dive leader starts to talk about the dive you are about to experience. A dive briefing. What you will see, safety rules and dive buddies considered.

I am skipping the dive time. You only join your dive and think about nothing else.

Right after the dive starting from the moment of surfacing, you and your diver fellows start to talk about the dive. Creatures they have seen, photos they have taken.

From the start till the end, what we think and talk about is the dive itself, which is simply cool.

Scuba diving is just like marriage.

You love it, show great effort to maintain it, but you don’t really know why you are doing so.

Today, I want to see scuba diving from your heart, which is this web-site’s core subject, huh?

Diving is a heart related sport.

Let’s see why.


Relaxation Underwater

As I have mentioned earlier, you cannot think anything other than diving during your bottom time.

In 21st century, we got stress.

We have problems with our boss, manager, husband/wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, parents and more. We cannot even sleep well due to these problems.

Trying to earn money for you and your family is another stress source.

Guess what?

Because you can only focus on diving during your dive, you are getting away of these. It is the absolute “carpe diem.


It Is Natural

The beauty of the sea mammals, corals, fish and the architectural rocks standing right in front of you.

But it is not something like when you stare to a marine aquarium. You are getting closer to your ancestors.

Let me give you one example.

When you are  underwater, blood in your extremities (legs and arms) decreases. That’s because veins in there start to get narrower to be able to feed your vital organs like brain and heart. Your brain gets that you are in water and oxygen is valuable.

This is part of the mammalian diving reflex.

Examples can be added.

This way, a diver feels to “belong” underwater. Belonging somewhere gives you peace.



No one can talk underwater. No car horn, no phone call.

What you only hear will be the beautiful noise of dolphins and whales, if you are lucky enough to dive with them.

This makes you rest and enjoy the moment.


Diving is a Privilege

Thousands of people passed away without seeing what you see in your dives.

Further, thousands of people will not be able to see the beauty of the seas and oceans.

You see what the majority of the people on this world don’t see in their entire life.

We have only “watched” the moon surface in 1969, only the Armstrong “felt” it.

You are enjoying the 100% of the world, don’t stuck in 30% minority.


It is Social

You meet with new fellows, like you.

I am scuba diving since 1996 and haven’t met a “normal person” on diving.

What would a normal person do under the water with kilograms of weight in an environment that is not designed for him/her even for breathing?


We meet with new people like us and have strong relationships. A buddy really is a “buddy” in diving.

When years start to pass after you begin your diving adventure and get addicted, you will realize that the majority of your friends are divers.

My best friends are my dive students, colleagues as dive instructors and other divers hanging out in the same dive center.

Beyond these, my girlfriend is a scuba diver.

Think about your own friends, sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

These are my reasons to dive.

What are yours?

Murat “Seaman” DEMIRAG


  1. For me, scuba diving is an amazing and strange adventure. What interest me in scuba diving is that we will going to see strange creatures which we can not see in our real world. It is only be seen underwater. That’s the reason why, I love to dive.


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