Suunto Vyper Dive Computer
Suunto Vyper Dive Computer

I would like to make this post not to put down all the truly high quality dive computers out there but to give my opinion on my first and what can be the last dive computer I will ever own.

The first thing you notice when you hold it in your hand is both its negative and its positive. Its huge and really light! That said if you are more interested in a dive computer you can also wear as a watch…look no further, this dive computer is not for you. With a diameter of 8cm this is quite a lot bigger than your average watch yet still a mere 68g!

I had spent quite a lot of time looking into all sorts of dive computers from the lowly simple dive comps (ie the Zoop) to the all coveted titanium encased 2billion colour display HUD super gadget dive computers. In the end of the day the guidelines imposed onto manufacturers are so strict no dive computer is ever going to be a danger to wear or use. No matter which one you  opt for you are safe…the question is how safe do you wish to be? What do I mean? Well, dive computers even though politically neutral come in conservative algorithms and liberal algorithms. What does that mean? Well, conservative dive computers will tend to bring you to surface sooner at same depth compared with a liberal dive computer. Suuntos RGBM Algorithm is considered to be one of the conservative algorithms out there. I really thought this an advantage to the computer simply because dive tables and hence algorithms are NOT gospel. I had realised that having a strict conservative dive computer would add value and longevity to my ¨dive career¨, releasing me from at least worrying about diver´s disease. Compared to other dive computers that tend to be more liberal (ie Oceaninc comes to mind) you will get more dive time out of them but…you cosy extra layer of safety will be gone. It all depends on you. You want to play it safer, conservative dive comp, wanna scrounge every single dive minute…more liberal dive comp. As we said in the beginning, no manufacturer is out to get you. You will not be under any danger no matter how liberal the algorithm of a dive computer from a reputable manufacturer would be but always keep in mind algorithms are ultimately based on dive table physiology and that is not tailored for each of us individually rather they are averages so take everything with a grain of salt!

Suunto Vyper
Suunto Vyper with Strap Protector!

Back to the VYPER! As a recreational diver, I saw that this dive computer had everything I would ever need including NITROX Mode(slowly easing its way into recreational diving´s domain) and GAUGE Mode (which strictly speaking is not a recreational diving requirement at all but for technical diving). These together with the AIR Mode have your adventured down to 40m well covered! The screen is easily read showing continuous temperature, depth, representing nitrogen in your system in minutes with the CBT graph (Consumed Bottom Time), and of course your no deco time remaining taking into account depth changes etc. What it does NOT do is check your air!

After each dive you can use the dive planner to plan the next dive aswell as overview your dive in Vyper’s Dive Profile Memory and Logbook! Another great tool is Dive History offering basic information such as total dive time, max depth reached and total number of dives for 999 dives and 999 dive hours. In case you don’t remember all this you get the option using a cable sold separately to connect the Suunto to a variety of dive log software and download the dive profiles of each dive you make onto your computer.

For me it has been a joy to use as it is very simple, easily accessible buttons (with or without gloves) while having a large easily read display and of course it is one of the cheapest dive computers on the market which is something important if you are just starting out and want something basic without taking chances which is what I did. Which ever way you lean…you will be fine, just make sure you don’t buy something for the hype of it. Buy something you will use and save the money for tank air 😀



Suunto Vyper Dive Computer Specifications


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