Lithognathus Mormyrus


With a wide distribution this beautiful Mediterranean fish can be found in habitats ranging from the Eastern Atlantic, Gibraltar Strait throughout the Mediterranean Sea but completely absent in the Black sea. Similarly down to South Africa and Mozambique, Western Indian Ocean as well as the Red Sea! Characteristically well compressed body with conical shaped smoothly curved head, silvery-grey in colour with 10-15 transverse darker lines at regular intervals across its body becoming darker as you move dorsally.


Found on the shelf, over sandy and muddy bottoms as well as sea-grass beds and estuaries particularly close to Poseidonia Grass beds


Gregarious, sometimes forming sizable schools. Feeds on worms, mollusks and small crustaceans.

Life History

Protandric hermaphrodite

Dive Site Encounters

Cyclop’s Cave  Dive Site

Green Bay Dive Site

Pirate’s Cove Dive Site

Lithognathus Mormyrous