Sharp Snout Sea Bream - Diplodus Puntazzo


Sharp Snout Bream are gregarious fishes widely inhabiting the Mediterranean Sea but found in the Atlantic Ocean from Gibraltar to Sierra Leone. Less often also found in the Bay of Biscay and are very rare in the Black Sea! The body is compressed similarly to other fish of these family and the nose is very sharply delineated hence its name! Its black spot at its tail and the stripes complete the animal!


Sharp Snout Sea Bream live in coastal waters or sandy areas up to 150m deep but seldom over 50m. Younger fish are found in shallower waters and lagoons whereas adults have been spotted in the surf zone! These fish tend not to school so much, preferring to swim along with a similarly sized partner fish.


Seaweed, worms, mollusks and shrimp are the main diet of Sharp Snout Sea Bream!

Life History

These fish are permanent hermaphrodites but also exhibit protandric characteristics in some cases, being born male to maturity and later on become female. Reproduction occurs at the end of summer and beginning of autumn. Eggs are only 0.85 mm across and the larvae 1.7 mm across!

Dive Site Encounters

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Sharp Snout Sea Bream - Diplodus Puntazzo

Sharp Snout Sea Bream – Diplodus Puntazzo Distribution Map
(Chance of Encounter Red > 0.8 Yellow > 0.2)

Sharp Snout Sea Bream - Diplodus Puntazzo - Distribution Map


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