The more people I talk to about scuba diving, the more I come to realize that scuba diving is either enthusiastically loved or passionately feared! Personally, I experienced both feelings, even in a single dive.

Since Mother Nature has not equipped us to be able to breathe underwater, it is no wonder we have a persistent hesitation when asked to do so. Our self-preservation instinct kicks in and fear makes both our heart rate and our levels of adrenaline to increase.

However, as most experienced divers point out, diving worries are usually more emotional than physical or even truly existent for that matter. And unfortunately they seem to be right. In fact, with every new diving adventure I have, I’m getting more and more convinced that scuba diving is the ultimate mind-game!

And although anxiety in students in the first diving lessons is considered normal, most of the students will learn to cope with their fears and eventually relax. And, trust me, that is exactly when the real diving fun and enjoyment begins!

But to get there, a student must not rush to give up on scuba diving at the first difficulty. In fact, my advice to you is that if your scuba instructor does not show the necessary patience or consideration for your initial nervousness and support you through it, instead of abandoning your desire to learn scuba diving, simply find a better instructor!

With the plethora of respectable and well-resourced diving schools in Cyprus and in any other beautiful diving destination in the world, settling with a bad scuba instructor is not just unwise and unreasonable, but also potentially dangerous for you. A good instructor is the one that helps you relax and gives you time to overcome your fears.

To fight your fears it is key to learn to relax. Personally I find that thinking of something pleasant and trying to slow my breathing really help me in that respect. Be aware that managing to remain calm is very important since if you are nervous and feel scared, any small problem such as sea water getting into your mask, may send you into panic. Safe diving implies relaxed, confident and calm divers.

I try to always remember the words of my beloved dive mentor: “As long as you have air, you can deal with any problem you encounter underwater.” And all the air you need is right there in your diving tank.

So, find yourself a good scuba instructor, put on the scuba gear, take a deep breath and get ready for the most amazing feeling you have ever experienced! 

Trust me, I’m a scuba diver! 😉 – xoxo


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