Not even close to an exhaustive list but we should start somewhere.
I’m trying to repeat the most important rules over and over again in my head.
SCUBA diving is a safe sport, as long as some basic rules are never forgotten.

– Don’t dive beyond your ability.
– Don’t ever ever ever ever hold your breath while diving.
– Don’t dive if you are not in good physical shape.
– Never dive alone.
– Always ascend slowly and with control.
– Check your equipment regularly.
– Always plan your dive and dive your plan.


  1. I would like to tell you that I love your blog. I am also a diver myself. I would like to add that it is imperative to always make a good pre-dive check and always be cautious when diving with a new buddy. Generally, the best rule is to deal with everything calmly. Panic is the worst dive buddy!


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