Scorpion Fish - Scorpaena Scrofa
Scorpion Fish – Scorpaena Scrofa


Also known as the Largescaled Scorpion fish, this dangerous fish with is the largest of the Mediterranean scorpion fish! Colours range from bright red to light pink with dark camouflage type blotches across its body! The venomous spikes are evident on its body which has been known to grow to a staggering 3kg and a maximum length of 50cm has been recorded for this fish although more commonly measures around 30cm. The 12 dorsal venomous spines, 3 anal spines while sporting 9 dorsal soft rays and 5 anal soft rays.


Scorpion fish inhabit the Mediterranean Sea and have never been spotted in the Black Sea. Can also be found in the Atlantic Ocean and around the British Isles and some have spotted it near the Canaries and Senegal all the way to Cape Verde! Prefers rocky environments although has been seen in sandy or muddy bottoms at 20 – 500m depth. A dedicated hunter they hide in burrows during the day while coming out to hunt at night!


Its a dedicated hunter. Eating mostly other smaller fish aswell as crustaceans and molluscs.

Life History

This is a non migratory species. There is no known information on spawning or mating for this fish.

Dive Site Encounters

Coming soon at a dive site near you…

Scorpion Fish - Scorpaena Scrofa Distribution Map
Scorpion Fish – Scorpaena Scrofa Distribution Map
(Chance of Encounter Red > 0.9 Yellow > 0.2)
Scorpion Fish - Scorpaena Scrofa Stamp
Scorpion Fish – Scorpaena Scrofa Stamp
So much the respect for this fish that Cyprus has placed it on a stamp. We are only aware of Cyprus and San Marino placing this fish on a stamp.


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