Salpa Salpa (Salema Porgy)
Salpa Salpa (Salema Porgy)


This Mediterranean Sea species of bream with its characteristic golden stripes can cause hallucinations when eaten! This amazing fish was consumed during Roman times at a recreational drug. The hallucinogenic effects have been reported to start minutes after ingesting the fish and last 24-36 hours after initial exposure! It is believed that this hallucinogenic effect is due to the fish ingesting a certain type of algae or phytoplankton which makes it hallucinogenic! The effects are similar to other psychedelics. Relatively common around Cyprus, Malta, Tenerife and South Africa reaches an average length of 30cm while the maximum reported size has been 51cm.


Prefers rocky areas with sandy areas facilitating algae growth. Seen often over Posidonia Grass fields.


Formidable appetite forming sizable schools. What is amazing about these fish is that they occupy the extremes of feeding during their lifetimes! Omnivorous as a species, yet the younger fish are mainly carnivorous usually feeding on crustaceans while the adult fish are exclusively herbivorous!

Life History

Reproduction occurs twice a year temperature of the water permitting usually in Spring and Autumn! They are hermaphroditic protandrous fish which means the fish first produces the sperm then afterwards lays eggs onto its own sperm to fertilize them!

Dive Site Encounters

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Salpa Salpa Distribution Map
Salpa Salpa Distribution Map
(Chance of Encounter Red > 0.8 Yellow > 0.2)
Salpa Salpa
Salpa Salpa School Adult
Salpa Salpa
Salpa Salpa School Juveniles



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