Oil Soaked Crab

Cyprus Oil Spill Threatens Famagusta Bay

Everyone must of heard about the recent incident of the oil tanker leaking crude oil in the Ammochostos Bay area in the last couple of days. Everyone must of heard about the inability of the so called authorities to amass the necessary know-how and cleanup expertise to make sure that beaches, wildlife and fish & animal populations are not affected. It was not broadcast widely but it was known that what would follow would effect the whole of Ammochostos Bay, whether it be occupied or unoccupied areas. In the end large areas of coast line in the occupied areas have been heavily polluted by crude oil and a few days later even though initial assessments were made that the oil slick will not affect other areas sure enough there was oil residue deposited on most beaches in the Protaras area last weekend.

The Sea Bridge

What a shame that there could not have been better cooperation during this crisis to manage the cleanup operations jointly. The sea has always been a bridge and while we know that scuba diving is a border free sport in Cyprus where cooperation between schools and scuba divers alike is excellent, it seems that this sentiment is not shared by the respective government officials in charge of keeping our seas clean and viable for our children. There simply is no way that the so called Northern Government can cooperate with the Government of Cyprus on these kinds of problems. There is no framework and no precedent. What is sorely¬† the point though in the end…is that there is no will for such cooperation on this level. While cleanup assistance was offered the so called government of the occupied Cyprus Territories saw fit to decline any attempt at assistance and without resources or know how blunder through the biggest ecological disaster in 2013!

The End?

Of course not. Our Seas unfortunately have bounced back from a lot worse the last few years and while tragic there is more danger from illegal fishing practices that will endanger the fish populations than anything like this. What this should be is a beginning. Networks and relationships need to be built between organisations that do cooperate even if those are only scuba diving schools or operations to protect our seas, coasts and reefs from disasters like these or help in cleanup operations when necessary. Training should be given by anyone capable and materials provided as expected from state or other organisations in the field of disaster management in Cyprus.

If you are involved in these kinds of operations or know how to conduct cleaning operations in situations like these with easy to find materials, please drop us a line, we would love to have you as a guest writer on the blog to share all information possible on crude oil cleanup!



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