Mediterranean Parrotfish Early Phase
Mediterranean Parrotfish Early Phase

This species of parrot fish also known as the Grecian Parrot Fish can rich a maximum of 50cm in length and there is complete overlap between male and females although males tend to be larger. Fish larger than 15cm are usually mature! They start out their lives as red and yellow with a greyish top above the pectoral fins but as they age they become totally grey.


Found at depths not exceeding 50m around rocky Mediterranean shores. It is quite common throughout the Mediterranean!


Parrotfish feed on algae that grows on rock or coral and small invertebrates, mainly herbivorous it has been postulated that one of their main functions is keeping reefs from being overrun with algae! One parrotfish can produce 90kg of sand in one year by feeding on coral reef algae!

Life Cycle

The Mediterranean Parrotfish are diurnal fish meaning they are active during the day and dormant during nighttime! Breeding usually occurs between July and September! Best spawning hours are reported as being around dawn or late afternoon. They mate in pairs or in groups! A notable fact about these fish as with all parrot fishes they all start out as female and change into males later on. Unlike their other parrotfish relatives though some females do not change sex once they become functional. This is known as secondary gonochorism!

Sparisoma Cretense Mediterranean Distribution Map
Sparisoma Cretense Mediterranean Distribution Map
(Chance of Encounter Red=0.8 Yellow=0.2)


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