Larnaca – Zenobia Wreck

 MS Zenobia Wreck Dive Site – Larnaca

This is one of the best wreck dive sites in the world…period. You can expect divers paradise. You might not be greeted by a million colours but the daunting size and sheer amount of sea life that has embraced this behemoth makes a trip here a must for any diver…anywhere! This is a sight that must be respected and admired! Dive boat operators are aplenty and we will refrain from making any suggestions at this time but we will in the near future for sure. We just haven’t tried everyone yet 😉 Prices are around 30-35 Euro for two dives, sometimes with lunch, provided you bring your own equipment. Worth it! Plan on being so blown away you will want to go back. People have reported being able to see the whole wreck in around 4 dives though. To each his own. Always dive with a dive guide is all we will say! Send us all your pictures from this dive site so we can showcase this beautiful wreck become reef!

MS Zenobia Wreck Dive Site

What a Shot! Expect to be blown to bits by this truly amazing wreck! The reef has really taken hold! No words! Just dive there as soon as possible! You won't regret it! Overall length 178m and a beam at 28m means you are greeted by the wreck at 16m depth all the way down to the 44m deep sandy sea bed!

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