Dicentrarchus Labrax
Dicentrarchus Labrax


The European Seabass is common all over the Mediterranean Sea but also the North Eastern Atlantic from Norway to Senegal. They have been seen grown to a length of 1m but a more usual size is around 50cm.  Keep an eye out because they have been reported to weigh a maximum of around 12kg and live a reported 20 years!


This beautiful fish inhabits coastal waters up to a depth of 100m usually in winter as well as brackish waters in river estuaries and coastal lagoons usually in the summer! They have been sighted in rivers in more than a few occasions.


These fish are ferocious eaters especially during seasonal migrations where food stores are at a premium! They readily go after crustaceans, molluscs and other smaller fish. Juveniles start feeding primarily on invertebrates and slowly start introducing fish into their diet as they grow towards maturity!

Life History

Living winters in open water and summers in shallower coastal waters these fish. In the Mediterranean they reach sexual maturity at three years of age for males and four years in females. In the Atlantic due to colder waters their maturity is delayed for a couple more years.

Dive Site Encounters

Coming at a dive site near you…

Dicentrarchus Labrax Distribution Map
Dicentrarchus Labrax Distribution Map
(Chance of Encounter Red > 0.8 Yellow > 0.2)
Dicentrarchus Labrax
Dicentrarchus Labrax



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