Corb Umbrina Cirrosa
Corb Umbrina Cirrosa



The Corb, otherwise known as the Umber is a beautiful fish inhabiting the Mediterranean, Black Sea, Atlantic and Red Sea. These gorgeous fish average a length of 30cm to 80cm and rarely even reach 100cm!!! It has been placed on stamps by certain Mediterranean countries in the past. They are greyish-silver in colour to brown with a metallic like hue and longitudinal black lines on their back and sides. Fins are joined by black membranes. The lines sometimes are lost in adulthood coalescing to spots or other marks on the body.


Usually Corb inhabits inshore waters over rocky or sandy even muddy bottoms from the shore to 100m in depth. Found sometimes at estuary mouths as juveniles bur adult Corb will rarely be seen there. Seen often also on various wrecks either for protection or nesting and seen browsing the sea floor for food. Found usually where marine flora and fauna is well developed. They might be compared with land hares in that they will choose a spot and over the day circle from it and return. Their cycles might take longer than 10-15mins so take this in mind while waiting for this fish to return while holding your breath…or looking at your pressure gauge!


Great fans of marine bottom invertebrates like molluscs, worms and crustaceans.

Life History

The annual spawning season for these fish in the Mediterranean and Black Sea is in spring and summer.

Dive Site Encounters

Coming Soon At A Dive Site Near You!


Corb Umbrina Cirrosa
Corb Umbrina Cirrosa
Umbrina Cirrosa Distribution Map Mediterranean Sea
Umbrina Cirrosa Distribution Map Mediterranean Sea
(Red > 0.8 Yellow > 0.2)



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