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The Bogue is a species of sea bream native to the Eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea. Its name both scientific and common names refer to this fish’s disproportionate large eye in comparison for its head. Almost like cow’s eyes. Some have been reported to reach 36cm but average out at 15cm to 20cm.


Can be found until 100m but reported sightings to 350m. Described as coastal pelagic on various substrate such as sand, rock or seaweed!


Mainly prefers seaweed and crustaceans aswell as plankton. Seen in schools that rise to the surface during the night!

Life History

Sex determination in these fish is very difficult. There are many models which have been described but most gravitate towards a hermaphroditic form.

Dive Site Encounters

Coming at a dive site near you…

Boops Boops
Boops Boops

Boops Boops Distribution Map


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