Bluefish - Pomatomus Saltatrix
Bluefish – Pomatomus Saltatrix


Found around the world, this pelagic fish makes its appearance in temperate and sub-tropical waters. The Bluefish AKA “The Tailor” in Australia, “Shad” in South Africa, “Elf” in California and known by several common names like blue, chomper etc. Medium sized fish with a forked tail. Grayish blue-green fading to white near its belly and lower sides. They are known to reach weights of up to 18kg in very rare occasions. The more ordinary weight for these fish is around 9kg for a well matured adult.


Usually found in energetic coastal waters with surf break beaches or by rocky peninsulas. They sometimes leave the safety of these waters migrating in larger groups or schools through open waters.


Very strong these fish swim fast and forage fish attacking in frenzy. They particularly like sardine like fish such as anchovies, jacks and weakfish while not shying away from squid and shrimps. They are known cannibals and can devour younger Bluefish once in a feeding frenzy. On the other hand, they are preyed upon by various predators to name a few, tuna, rays, dolphins and seals.  Never a good idea to swim among a feeding school of Bluefish!

Life History

Not much is known about these fish spawning habits, but what is known is that they migrate in deep reefs in large numbers and their fertilised eggs float freely once spawning has concluded until hatching. The baby blues head into inland bays or estuaries until they reach the juvenile stage venturing out into bays then further out into open water once they reach adulthood.


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Pomatomus Saltatrix Distribution Map
Pomatomus Saltatrix Distribution Map
(Chance of Encounter Red > 0.8 Yellow > 0.2)
Bluefish - Pomatomus Saltatrix
Bluefish – Pomatomus Saltatrix


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