Blenny - Parablennius Gattorugine


The Tombot Blenny or Parablennius Gattorugine is a medium sized species of blenny growing to a size of about 30cm. Part of a larger species family of blennies living in a diverse group of environments spanning from the south coast of Great Britain, the Mediterranean Sea, Sea of Marmara and the Azores. This fish is very curious and most often comes out to investigate nearby scuba divers!

Deep brown in colour, these diverse group of fish have tentacles above their eyes and a stripped bodice. The main key features to recognise are the branched head tentacles above the eyes and the dark bars down the sides of its body!


Active mainly from dusk till dawn there beautiful fish are usually found in crevices and rock holes near steep rocks from a depth of 3m to 32m spread amongst vegetation and boulder formations! Younger fish tend to be closer to shore, the upper littoral, between algae!


Parablennius Gattorugine mainly feed on sea anemones and crustaceans but younger fish known to feed on algae also.

Life History

Reproducing usually from March to May females of the species usually spawn their eggs at a males resident hole who them tends and guards the eggs until they reach their larval stage which takes around one month. The eggs are adhere to the rocks.

Dive Site Encounters

Cyclop’s Cave Dive Site

Blenny Parablennius Gattorugine Distribution Map
(Chance of Encounter Red > 0.8 Yellow > 0.2):

Parablennius Gattorugine Distribution Map

Blenny - Parablennius Gattorugine


    • Thank you Sarah! We try to bring a fish out every week. Its amazing the things we learn ourselves during our research for these critters! Amazing marine life! Makes you wanna open up a diving school almost 😉


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