Blackfish (Dusky Grouper) - Epinephelus marginatus
Blackfish (Dusky Grouper) – Epinephelus Marginatus


This large bodies fish of the grouper family is the best known grouper of the Mediterranean Sea! This big bodied fish as seen in photographs sports a sizable mouth and a rounded tail. Despite their name, they are never black or dusky! Usually growing to a size of 50cm t0 100cm and around 3kg to 10kg but fishes weighing in excess of 40kg are known but very rare to find. The records set are around 150cm in length and 60kg in weight!


This fish exhibits barometric distribution. That is, younger members of the species are normally found in shallower coastal areas whereas adult fish tend to prefer deeper waters. They have been spotted to a depth of 300m but are very rare below 60m.


As one of the main predators of the Mediterranean Sea the Blackfish they feast on crab, octopus and other smaller fish varying their diets as this fish is known for its greedy appetite!

Life History

Most of these fish are female when born and change into males as they grow older/larger. Reproduction takes place mainly in the summer months! They go through colour variations during their lives changing from green in their juvenile stage to brown topside and yellow tones below or yellow stripes/spots as they reach maturity.

Dive Site Encounters

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Epinephelus Marginatus Distribution Map
Epinephelus Marginatus Distribution Map
(Chance of encounter Red > 0.8 Yellow > 0.2)


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