Ayia Napa & Protaras – Mimosa Beach

What We Think

Describe the dive site in one sentence? “Great little dive site!” Safe as hell maxing out at around 8m in places but a cool average 5m depth almost throughout will have you worrying about the jet skis zipping around over your head than about anything else. Average marine life due to the amount of traffic both swimming and boat wise the bay receives during an average summer day. Like all other dive sites in Cyprus its always better in the winter and of course keep this one last thing in mind…this dive site was made for night diving. Shallow, familiar (to us, to you too if you dive it a couple of times) and underwater reef provides beautiful crevices and holes for all sorts of critters to take shelter during the day and venture out at night. Regular sightings of turtles have been mentioned in the summer time, which seem to be of the same female turtle every year but we have yet to spot it. A yellow spotted moray eel has been spotted on a few occasions so be careful when night diving not to aggravate it with your torches people. As always…don’t feed the wildlife, don’t touch the wildlife! An average dive site to say the least…but gets four stars due to its convenient placement, easy access and night dive potential!

The Facts

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Photos By Friends

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Videos By Friends

Check out these short video clips made by friends at this great dive site in Cyprus. If you have videos you wish to share of this or any other dive site, let us know! We will feature you too!!!

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