Bluefin Tuna  - Thunnus Thynnus


Atlantic Bluefin Tuna
Atlantic Bluefin Tuna

This hardy species scientifically named Thunnus Thynnus, commonly called Atlantic Bluefin Tuna honored by the adjective Giant when exceeding 150kg, which is not as rare as the average size of an adult fish is around 450kg commonly reaching 0.5m-2m but known to reach a staggering 3m! Regarded as one of the most highly evolved fish species and one of the most in danger of overfishing! Heavily fished this beautiful fish with its great size, speed and power claims one of the few apex predator positions in the Mediterranean Sea earning the respect of divers and fishermen alike! Definitely one of the most magnificent fish in the sea! Their average natural lifespan is between 15-30 years!


Bluefin Tuna inhabit the Mediterranean aswell as the North Atlantic and Black Seas! Highly migratory fish crossing the Atlantic in as little as 60 days (aprox. 3000km at an average speed of 2km/h). The best of divers in any case will not even come close to this fish’s favourite hangouts which range in depth but reach even 1000m deep! They are classified as pelagic fish, schooling together according to size!


They consume smaller fishes such as mackerel, herring, whiting, flying fishes, and mullet as well as squid, eels, and crustaceans.

Life History

Although highly migratory confirmed to travel thousands of kilometers there are only two definite spawning locations. The Gulf of Mexico and the Mediterranean Sea in the Eastern Atlantic. Little is known why they spawn there, although favorable environmental factors are likely the reason. In the Gulf of Mexico spawning occurs from Mid-April to Mid-June. In the Eastern Atlantic spawning occurs exclusively in the Mediterranean and Adriatic Sea from June to August.

Thunnus Thynnus Mediterranean Distribution Map
Thunnus Thynnus Mediterranean Distribution Map
(Chance of Encounter Red=0.8 Yellow=0.2)



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