Greater Amberjack - Seriola Dumerili
Greater Amberjack – Seriola Dumerili


The Greater Amberjacks usually seen to have dark stripes from their nose to the front of their dorsal fins. Bluish grey in colour with a silvery white belly. Usually fully grown reach a weight of 18kg or less. These fish can reach 1.5m – 1.8m in length! Their stripes become more evident when feeding. The dusky mask seen on these fish is a unique characteristic of this species of fish.

Two US Navy submarines have been named after this gorgeous fish. The USS Amberjack (SS-219) and the USS Amberjack (SS-522).


Amberjacks are found close to rocky reefs, debris and wrecks typically around 20m to 75m. Juveniles are often seen frequenting shallower waters less than 10m deep in small schools near floating debris or plants.


A family of opportunist predators the Amberjacks feed on deep sea and pelagic fish aswell as squid and crustaceans. Common preferred fish include sardines while juveniles feed on plankton decapod larvae also and on other small invertebrates. These fast swimming predators and well suited to the task of hunting other fish.

Life History

Almost nothing is well known about the spawning habits and life cycle of this fish but they are thought to spawn offshore throughout the year. Females have been documented to live longer than male fish and mature up to 1 year later than males also. Being a rather large species of fish, some cases of ciguatera poisoning have been reported from game fishermen.

Dive Site Encounters

Coming at a dive site near you…

Greater Amberjack - Seriola Dumerili Distribution Map
Greater Amberjack – Seriola Dumerili Distribution Map
(Chance of Encounter Red > 0.9 Yellow > 0.2)
Greater Amberjack - Seriola Dumerili
Greater Amberjack – Seriola Dumerili


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