This is as broad an issue as the ocean, as many experts will tell you to either pack too much or too little depending on your experience, your dive location and of course the people coming along with you on the dive!

This is a general list which we continually amend as time goes by and we see what has basically ruined dives for us from time to time. So stay tuned because things may be added or removed as time goes by! As always any suggestions you may have are welcome! Drop us a line or comment, we will do our best to review and add relevant material!

  1. O-Rings (Various Sizes)
  2. Small Crescent Wrench
  3. O-Ring Tools (Picks)
  4. Silicone Grease
  5. Double Ended Brass Clip
  6. Mask & Fin Strap Backups (Make sure they are compatible with your gear)
  7. Small Roll Adhesive Tape (Duck Tape works)
  8. Small Roll Electrical Tape (Any Colour)
  9. Small Roll Rubberised Tape
  10. Spare Bulbs For Flashlights (If you are going on a Night Dive)
  11. Extra Wrist Lanyards
  12. Swiss Army Knife
  13. Spare Pair Contact Lenses (If You Use Them)
  14. Alcohol (Rubbing Type! No Rum Necessary…Honest!)
  15. Sewing Kit (With the largest gauge needle you can find with carpet threading)
  16. Seal Cement
  17. Rubber Bands
  18. Spare HP & LP Plugs for Regulator 1st Stage
  19. Nylon Cable Ties (Various Sizes)
  20. Extra Burst Plugs for Tanks
  21. Spare HP Swivels
  22. Leather-man Tool
  23. Stainless Dive PolyTool
  24. Spare Bulbs For Lights
  25. Spare Weight Belt Buckle
  26. Disposable Lighter (for sealing the ends of nylon ropes/belt)
  27. Razor Bladers
  28. Surgical Tubing
  29. Bungie Cord
  30. Second Mask
  31. Second Pair of Prescription Lenses
  32. Vinegar (Good for urchin or jelly stings)
  33. C-Card Copies
  34. Cash

That is it. For Now. Let us know what you think. Did we miss anything? Need to be more specific on any item? Share your stories with your mishaps with us. I am sure we can bump the list to 50 Things You Should Pack For a Dive In no time!


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