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The mere fact that humans are air-breathing mammals who have no chance of surviving underwater without our scuba equip, should make all divers sensibly cautious. Therefore, all divers should acknowledge how dependent they are on how religiously they are following certain safety rules or tactics in all dives. Let’s refresh these 15 golden rules of scuba diving and tactics one more time. Feel free to comment or add your own ideas on how diving safety could further be enhanced. So without further delay here are our 15 Golden Rules of Scuba Diving:

  1.  Ensure you are medically fit for scuba diving by visiting your doctor.
  2.  Be trained and certified by a recognised scuba agency.
  3. Always maintain, store, prepare and check your equipment carefully.
  4. Never make dives that are outside your training, experience and confidence levels.
  5. Always dive with a buddy.
  6. Never omit the pre-dive buddy check.
  7. Plan your dive and dive your plan. This means you should agree with your buddy on depth, time, safety stops and minimum air before you head to the exit point.
  8. Ensure you plan your dive so that you surface with a minimum of 50 bars. Some agencies recommend a minimum of 35 but there is no reason to chance anything. Allowing for more than 35 is generally better…especially if you are diving in unfamiliar territory.
  9. During the dive, do not forget to check at regular intervals your air status and your depth, and that your equipment is in place.
  10. Communicate with your buddy to check whether he or she is OK and check his or her air status.
  11. Do not hesitate to abort a dive, if for whatever reason you do not feel right.
  12. Ascent slowly and at a maximum ascent rate of 10m/minute on all dives.
  13. Complete safety stop on all dives that exceed 10m depth, at 3-5 minutes at 5-6 meters.
  14. Refresh your diving safety and survival skills regularly.
  15. Last, but not least, remember that scuba diving should always be fun!

Scuba Diving Should Be Fun

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