The Painted Comber belongs in the grouper family albeit being a small one growing to a maximum size of 36cm


Prefers to spend its days in rock sheltered areas near seagrass beds. Usually solitary or in small groups!


The Comber’s eating preferences include crustaceans and fishes which inhabit the Painted Combers environmental niche, in muddy, algal or seagrass areas. They also go for worms, gastropods, shrimp and prawns, polychaetes, amphipods and cephalopods!

Life History

Considered a simultaneous hermaphrodite spawning in early spring or early summer.

Dive Site Encounters

Cyclop’s Cave Dive Site

Mimosa Beach Dive Site

Green Bay Dive Site

Pirate’s Cove Dive Site


Serranus Scriba – Painted Comber Distribution Map
Chance of Encounter Red > 0.8 Yellow > 0.2


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  1. Fish Posted on October 5, 2014 at 22:20

    I have seen this fish almost under every rock along Turkey’s southern coast. Its very friendly indeed and curious :)

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